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  Is Produced & Directed by: Dj Maestro, a pioneer in the Hustle and Line Dance Movement, created the I LUV 2 HUSTLE SHOW in which Mr. Smooth's teaches a Ballroom step every week. Executive Producers: Dj Maestro, Dj K.O.B. and Mr.Smooth talked about putting a new dance show together, which features nothing but couple dances, Ballrooming, Stepping, etc. We felt the world was lacking this type of dancing because it was rarely being seen, and by Mr. Smooth having his own style of Ballroom Dance, we wanted to be unique, so I chose the title "Ballroom Express", which explains everything, just by simply hearing the title. We wanted it to be simple, but yet straight to the point. We have some of the finest Ballroom, & Steppers from across the United States on the show. We also feature a Ballroom Express Line, in which each couple can showcase their own dance moves. New Music and performances from up and coming artists are being featured on the show as well. Mr. Smooth's Ballroom Express is a must see, it gives you a reminder of Soul Train when life was much simpler. 


   The show is filmed at The Northwest Activity Center Ballroom in Detroit, Michigan, and shot by B.O.M.B.Z. MUSIK ENTERTAINMENT, the show airs on, WTTO CW 21  Alabama,  in Philadelphia, Pa. on Philly Cam,  WZDX FOX 54 in Huntsville, & Tennessee, and on KPBX 46.3 OR WWW.NUDU.TV Houston, Tx. and the show is growing & growing. We also can be seen on and ROKU and other TV outlets. If you miss an episode or we're not showing in your area you can always look at it here on this website. Thank You for inquiring about our show, but if you would like more info on Dj Maestro or Mr.Smooth, his cruises, or the I LUV 2 HUSTLE SHOW go to or 

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